Why Choose

Why Choose Bar.B.Q Tonight?

With over 25 years of combined restaurant management experience, the team at Bar.B.Q Tonight Global remains as committed as ever to exceeding expectations in every aspect of the business.

Our affiliate, Bar.B.Q Tonight Pakistan is a pioneer in food safety, leading the market as the first restaurant in Pakistan to be awarded ISO22000 and HACCP certifications. This is reflective of the franchise’s commitment to food quality and our global footprint remains committed to further excelling in that area.

Bar.B.Q Tonight Global also won the ‘International Franchisor Of The Year’ award at the 2015 Franchise & Licensing Awards in Singapore.

The Bar.B.Q Tonight System is defined by principles, processes, designs and recipes that have have been structured over the last 28 years and the System has led to the success of the brand throughout the Middle East and South East Asia.

Worldwide Growth


When you own a Bar.B.Q Tonight restaurant, you’re part of an exciting organization that has been building a solid brand for almost 30 years.

Our Food


Bar.B.Q Tonight offers South Asian delicacies based on regional traditions. We believe in creating fresh and healthy products for our customers. All of our raw materials and food preparation processes are passed through high levels of scrutiny.

Our Support Network


Our franchise support system features:

  • Training
  • Product development
  • Advertising
  • Purchasing cooperative
  • Field support, and much more!